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Music Curation with AIMS: Smart Projects & Dynamic Playlists

Product shots of AIMS products

If you’re here, chances are you curate music. Maybe to get eyes on the latest and greatest of your catalog, maybe to pitch music based on a sync brief or for a movie. Also looking at you, independent curators knocking out trending playlists on the daily.

Whatever the case, you’re no stranger to creating a playlist and updating it to keep it fresh.

But that’s not easy. There’s never enough time; you can only go through so many tracks. As you search, you can’t help but turn to familiar music in your catalog, which leads to bias. And once you’ve got a banger of a playlist, regularly updating it is so time-consuming, it rarely gets done. 

After helping our curator clients use the combined abilities of AIMS products to solve those issues, we realized we could do more. Introducing two new products tailor-made for curation: Smart Projects and Dynamic Playlists

Based on our Similarity Search tech, these products let you compile and update playlists while you only do a fraction of the work — leaving you with results manually impossible to achieve. 

Smart Projects

What Does It Do? 

When you input two reference tracks or more (which set the “playlist theme”), Smart Projects uses our Similarity Search tech to suggest songs that fit your playlist. This saves you endless time, lets you assemble playlists and/or respond to briefs infinitely faster, and uncovers suitable music hidden at the bottom of the barrel that you may have otherwise missed.

Product shot of AIMS Smart Project

Perfect for: Sync Briefs & Song Options for Film/TV 

Say you’re tasked with creating a playlist for a sync brief or you need to put together a playlist of song options for a film or TV show. With Smart Projects, you swiftly assemble a rich selection of tracks tailored to the needs at hand — all in less time than it would normally take you to find that one or two needles in a haystack. That kind of turnaround and quality is guaranteed to make a lot of people happy.

Dynamic Playlists

What Does It Do?

Dynamic Playlists helps you showcase various parts of your evolving catalog (in both production and commercial music). Our Similarity Search tech analyzes your existing playlists and suggests fitting tracks for each one, then keeps all playlists relevant via regular updates.

Product shot of AIMS Dynamic Playlists

Perfect for: Diverse Catalogs & Ever-Growing Playlists 

Production music: A great way to showcase a catalog’s diversity to clients like TV editors is through playlists that highlight topical segments (e.g., drama, horror, morning shows). But with so much going on, keeping them updated is never a priority — and even if it were, there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it done manually. With Dynamic Playlists, each topical playlist is automatically updated with a consistent stream of new, perfectly-fitting music straight from your database, based on whatever frequency works best for your catalog. 

Commercial music: When your platform’s business model relies on loyal users streaming and/or listening to music, even the best playlist needs to be updated to avoid being overplayed or outdated. Dynamic Playlists takes care of those updates for you, adding music at a cadence that makes sense for your needs — whether you’re an established platform or an eager up-and-comer.

Need Anything Else?

No matter what we already offer, there are always new ways for companies to apply and combine AIMS products. As an API-first company, we’re very open to exploring novel use cases for our tech — because we know how multifaceted this industry is. 

Our clients keep coming to us with unique business goals that could use some AI. And we love it. So if you need some advice (or have a hot tip for the next AIMS product), we’re one call away.

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