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Dynamic Playlists: Keep your playlist’s music fresh with continuous updates

AI technology-based AIMS playlist updating

Whether you’re in the production or commercial music space, your playlists likely require a regular stream of new music to stay relevant. That’s a lot of work — or at least it used to be. 

With Dynamic Playlists, you can quickly update any playlist as often as you like, with as many tracks as you need. And the tracks are always a perfect fit.

It’s ideal for diverse catalogs and ever-growing playlists. Or, to get more specific: 

Here’s how it works 

Once you give Dynamic Playlists a playlist to analyze, our AI-powered technology works with audio similarity — not tagging or metadata — to instantly understand your playlist’s theme (also called sonic profile or simply “vibe”) and suggests relevant new tracks.

Production music

A great way to showcase a catalog’s diversity to clients like TV editors is through playlists that highlight topical segments (e.g., drama, horror, morning shows). But keeping them updated is rarely a priority — and even if it were, there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it done manually. With Dynamic Playlists, each topical playlist can be periodically updated with a consistent stream of new, perfectly-fitting music straight from your database. 

Commercial music

When your platform’s business model relies on loyal users streaming and/or listening to music, even the best playlist needs to be updated to avoid being overplayed or outdated. With Dynamic Playlists, you can add music at a cadence that makes sense for your needs, whether you’re an established platform or an eager up-and-comer.

More about AIMS Curation

Dynamic Playlists is one of two AIMS products made to suit all curation purposes, the other being Smart Projects (automated playlist creation).

Rooted in our AI-powered Similarity Search technology, our products let you compile and update playlists while you only do a fraction of the work — namely the creative part.

Want to see Dynamic Playlists in action? Reach out to us here: 

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