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Unlock the potential of your music catalog

Discover the power of AI music search and tagging, tailored for production music, TV and movie productions, record labels, and publishers.


Prompt Search

Searching for music has
never felt more natural

Explore music catalogs effortlessly: just use everyday phrases, sync briefs, or any description that pops into your head to find that perfect track.

AI Music Search

Similarity Search

Find relevant music based on audio similarity


AV Production


Labels & Publishers

Leverage our cutting-edge tech to quickly find music that resonates with your vision. Simply paste a link or upload an audio file, and our Similarity Search instantly identifies tracks with a similar vibe, no tags or keywords needed.

CMS Platforms

Get our technology when using one of AIMS' supported catalogue management platforms

We support most catalogue management platforms.


Use the AIMS web app


Connect your music catalogue

AI-search using your browser 

Many additional features

Integrate via API


Boost your service with AIMS

Implement and maintain easily

Simplify your workflow

Auto Tagging


Automatically generate metadata for your music


Labels & Publishers

Music Marketplaces



Streamline your catalog management with AI automation for seamless organization, eliminating manual tagging. Opt for flexible taxonomy—either the AIMS standard or your custom setup—and easily share data using our export templates for CSV or Excel, designed for compatibility with third-party platforms.

Read what our clients say


Universal Music Production

Patrick Appelgren, VP Continental Europe

We tested other tools on the market that search for music similarity and the AIMS technology consistently returned superior results. We are extremely pleased to be working with AIMS in bringing this great technology to our global customers.

Created by your industry peers.
Made for every music pro.

We are a team of tech-savvy music enthusiasts, dedicated to upholding musical traditions while setting new standards.

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