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Smart Projects: Automated playlist compilation for sync briefs, film & TV

Automated playlist creation with AI-based technology

Say you’re tasked with creating a playlist for a sync brief, or you need to put together a playlist of song options for a film or TV show. 

With Smart Projects, you create cohesive, uniquely specific playlists in minutes. 

Our AI-driven technology works with your reference tracks to go through all music in your catalog. In about the time it normally takes to find one track, you’ll already have a rich selection of music ready to go, and you can be sure that no track was overlooked. 

Rapidly respond to briefs. Knock out playlist after playlist if that’s what your day requires. Showcase your catalog’s diversity to clients, ad agencies or anyone on your radar.

That kind of turnaround and quality are guaranteed to make a lot of people happy.

Here’s how it works 

All you need to start are at least two reference tracks, which set your “playlist theme.” You can use any link (YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Vimeo or TikTok), upload a file in any format (MP3, WAV or AIFF) or select a track from your catalog. 

Based on these references, Smart Projects creates a sonic profile and suggests songs that match perfectly. How is this sonic profile/theme/vibe established, exactly?

Just like all AIMS products, Smart Projects uses audio similarity — not tagging or metadata — meaning that all suggested music sounds and feels like your reference tracks. 

More about AIMS Curation

Smart Projects is one of two AIMS products made to suit all curation purposes, the other being Dynamic Playlists (automatic updates of existing playlists). 

Rooted in our AI-powered Similarity Search technology, our products let you compile and update playlists while you only do a fraction of the work — namely the creative part.

Want to see Smart Projects in action? Reach out to us here:

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