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Turbocharge your playlist building

No more hours spent on manual curation - create and update playlists in minutes with powerful AI-driven recommendations.

Web App, API or platform integration available


Smart Projects

Create playlists faster than ever before

Build your own playlists in minutes with Smart Projects. Simply input two or more tracks to set the “playlist theme” and our tech will instantly suggest more tracks from a catalog that fit your playlist based on sonic similarity. This saves you endless time, lets you compile playlists and/or respond to briefs infinitely faster, and uncovers suitable music that might have been overlooked in the depths of the catalog.

Dynamic Playlists

Automatically update your existing playlists with new music

Ensure your playlists always feature the freshest and most relevant music without any manual work. With Dynamic Playlists, every playlist is automatically updated with a consistent stream of new, perfectly-fitting music straight from your database, based on whatever frequency works best for your catalog. AIMS tech curates the most suitable tracks for each playlist according to its theme, eliminating hours of manual work.


Music Platform

Activate AIMS features directly on your catalog management platform.



Easily integrate AIMS into your proprietary platform.


Web App

Use AIMS with no development needed.

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