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Case Study: AIMS the top choice for Similarity Search pioneer Musique & Music

Logo of AIMS placed next to the logo of Musique & Music

"AIMS offers industry-oriented & constantly evolving services that save a tremendous amount of time."

Vasilissa Kulikova, Musique & Music, Library & Label Manager

About Musique & Music

With 850,000 tracks in its library, 250 leading labels locked in, and 30 years on the market, French audiovisual legend Musique & Music knows that quality is nothing without speed — especially when ingesting 2,000 tracks per week. So whether it’s Netflix, Canal+, or any client with no time to spare, the company doesn’t just tinker with Similarity Search; it depends on it

The Challenge

Accelerating searches with the fastest engine yet

For Musique & Music, a 30-year legacy doesn’t mean letting its reputation do all the work. The company was the first in France to use audio-based similarity search — and when they parted ways with the tool they’d been using and began the hunt for a new solution, they knew exactly how to recognize one worth its salt.

Musique & Music Library & Label Manager Vasilissa Kulikova delves into what makes AIMS “the most efficient search engine.”

The Solution

Hitting record turnaround with Similarity Search

The AIMS Similarity Search is unmatched. With no tags or keywords needed, supervisors can use references pulled from a client's brief or one of their own (audio files, YouTube/Vimeo links, even specific song segments) to sharpen a request. AIMS identifies similar tracks completely free from human subjectivity — which is a major help in an industry where, as Vasilissa put it, “The deadline is always yesterday.”

“With AIMS, instead of going through tags trying to mix and match, you use the reference you likely have in your head already. Similarity Search is the greatest solution possible.” Vasilissa Kulikova, Musique & Music, Library & Label Manager

Finding that one in a million

A key challenge for Musique & Music supervisors is ensuring that nothing is lost in their vast library, which is expected to hit one million tracks in 2024. AIMS guarantees no niche corners go unchecked as it navigates all options with minimal waiting time, so supervisors can come back to their clients with full confidence in the output.

“AIMS finds tracks ‘from the bottom.’ Supervisors know that there’s often something they can go and dig out, so this is great for us internally.”

Smooth ingestion of new tracks

Thousands of new songs per week is a success, so it shouldn’t feel like a burden. AIMS makes sure it never does by seamlessly uploading all incoming tracks to its system and making them instantly available. As a result, everyone can focus on thoughtful tasks or those stuck in the backlog, like proactively creating playlists for frequent requests. And you guessed it, they use AIMS for that, too.

“AIMS automatically uploads tracks to its system without us having to do anything, which helps us focus on our core business activities.”

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