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Case Study: Finding Gold for Atomica Music Client Briefs with AIMS

Logos of AIMS and Atomica Music displayed next to each other.

"AIMS is hands-down the best music similarity search tool we've used."

Brian Beshears, Atomica Music, Owner & Creative Director

About Atomica Music

Atomica’s ever-growing catalog of music is at 200,000+ tracks and counting. Created to work for a variety of content, its scores are found in cult hits like The Office and Venom, games including Call of Duty Black Ops 4, and Cocoa Puffs ads. Among competitors, Atomica Music proudly stands out with its impeccable customer service

The Challenge

Seeking Peak Precision & Speed in Music Searches

With 70% of client requests requiring Atomica Music to perform music searches to find the right track, and with Atomica’s library growing rapidly, turning to technology became a must — or else their reputation for a quick turnaround time would take a hit. The main challenge came with finding the ideal solution for the job. After testing option after option, tools kept falling short due to inflexibility, a reliance on tagging, and a lack of segment-specific search.

Atomica Music Owner & Creative Director Brian Beshears explains why AIMS proved to be “the best on the market.”

The Solution

Search Time Down by ~45%

Brian knows his music library inside out. Give him any brief, and he’ll tell you “4–5 tracks that will match and exactly where they are.” But especially when it comes to reduced mixes, he’s the first to admit that human memory has its limits. With AIMS, Atomica’s search time has been cut by ~45% — while coming up with tracks the team wouldn’t have otherwise found. In his words:

AIMS is the first and only accurate music similarity search technology in the field. We’ve been testing tools like this for a long time and they’ve never worked. AIMS is the first one that’s accurate and it’s the best on the market.

Finding Tracks Based on a Specific Song Segment

Product shot of Segment feature in Atomica Music library

When requesting help with music selections, Atomica’s clients are always sending tracks as inspiration for the “overall vibe.” The AIMS Segment feature (part of the Similarity Search) lets Atomica Music focus on just one particular section of the track, which is a huge help — especially paired with how well AIMS handles similarity in everything from instrumentals and vocals to emotion and moods. Brian says:

We got hooked on AIMS pretty quickly because we were finding real gold when it came to client briefs

Accuracy With Zero Bias

We’re all biased about what’s good and what isn’t. AI-based tech like AIMS doesn’t play favorites. It’s just facts. While a human touch adds heart to a search, there’s also an element we’re better off without: bias. The bigger a catalog, the more important it is to put all biases aside. For Brian, removing favoritism from every search has made Atomica Music more precise.

I have tracks and albums that I gravitate toward. AIMS has pushed me outside of that and helped me dig deeper into our catalog. I might not go back to music that’s six years old, but AIMS does. It helps us activate our whole catalog.”

Interested in how AIMS can work for you? Reach out to us here:

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