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Case Study: Supercharging Sync for Partisan Records with AIMS

Logo of AIMS next to logo of Partisan Records

"AIMS is intuitive and time efficient, basically an extra set of ears!"

Catie Ginsburg, Partisan Records, Director of Sync and Partnerships

About Partisan Records:

Partisan Records is a Brooklyn-based artist-run independent label dedicated to the unique visions of those the label is so privileged to represent. Partisan Records believe that artistry in its many forms essentially has a singular purpose: to create and share the next new story. At Partisan, the artists create the stories that others will tell. Partisan Records roster includes artists such as Fela Kuti, IDLES, Fontaines DC, Laura Marling, PJ Harvey, Cigarettes After Sex and many more.

The Challenge:

As the sole member of Partisan Records' sync department, Catie Ginsburg faced the overwhelming task of catering to rapid client demands. With briefs coming in daily and tight deadlines, there was a pressing need for a tool that would optimize the music search process. Also, the rich back catalogue, while being an asset, posed the challenge of digging deep and rediscovering tracks that may have been overlooked.

The Solution:

Partisan Records integrated AIMS into their workflow, transforming the way they approached music searches. Catie highlights that on days when she receives multiple briefs with imminent deadlines, AIMS helps in streamlining the search process, allowing her to work faster and more efficiently.

A distinctive edge of AIMS is its feature that allows searches without vocals. Given that reference tracks often come with vocals, this function has proven invaluable for Catie. With AIMS, she can now focus on instrumental similarities, thus expanding the breadth of tracks pitched to clients.

Beyond just the current hits, AIMS has provided Catie the opportunity to delve deeper into the label’s extensive back catalogue. Even with her profound knowledge of the repertoire, she remarks, “AIMS might pull a song from 2001 that I never would have thought of.” It's evident that AIMS acts as a second set of ears, catching nuances and tracks that might be missed otherwise.

As a one-person sync department, AIMS has been a huge help and timesaver. Catie Ginsburg, Partisan Records, Director of Sync and Partnerships

On the efficiency front, AIMS has drastically cut down the time spent on music searches. What used to be an hour-long task now takes closer to 20 minutes. This newfound speed allows Catie to respond to more briefs and curate more expansive playlists for clients.

For indie labels, especially those with small sync teams or even single-person departments like Partisan Records, AIMS has proven to be a game-changer. By bridging the gap between AI's precision and human creativity, AIMS has enabled Partisan Records to rediscover forgotten gems and maximize the potential of their back catalogue.

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