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AIMS is a suite of AI-powered music search, discovery, and curation solutions. Around since 2019, it was built by people who spent years in the industry searching, tagging, licensing — and got tired of wasting time. The goal was to empower creativity by handing the menial work over to AI-assistive technology. Today, AIMS has set a new standard for 60+ clients worldwide. 


We’re here to redefine the daily grind — in ways we know make sense because we’ve been there.

Viktor Parma

Co-founder & Head of Research

Viktor has built a career on merging AI technology and audio: working at a recording studio, specializing in R&D at Nielsen Admosphere (FKA Mediaresearch) for four years, and founding his first tech company, Tone Technology. His two passions have always coexisted; before getting his Master’s in Electrical Engineering and Informatics, he’d already released several original tracks and remixes as a musician in the Czech electronic scene. At AIMS, he’s responsible for all technology, from new product research to development.

Einar M. Helde

Co-founder & CCO

Einar is a production music executive with more than a decade in the industry. His experience has ranged from music supervision to supplying music for global film and TV hits. He co-founded neighboring rights collecting agency NRG, owns APL Publishing, is a member of the International Production Music Group, and has worked with production music sub-publishing for more than a decade. Thanks to his rich expertise, Einar often acts as an advisor to AIMS clients, helping them set up best practices and providing tailored suggestions.

Jan Novotny

Co-founder & CTO

Jan has a background in full-stack development, solution architecture, and multimedia. He gained experience with a copyright collective society along the way, which paid off in spades when he joined AIMS to strengthen the company's tech foundation and push how far product innovation could go. As a skilled developer with extensive experience in video and photography, Jan understands the creative mindset and how to reinforce an artist’s greatest strengths. 

Martin Nedved

Co-founder & CEO

Martin has spent his entire life in the music, technology, and audio-visual industries. He was the Managing Director of Studio Fontana, which he helped transform into a tech music company and the leading production music library in CEE. He co-founded neighboring rights collecting agency NRG, holds a law degree, is involved in European music committees and associations, and is the Chairman of the International Production Music Group as well as the Vice-Chairman of the CZ neighboring rights society INTERGRAM. 


Start-up Snapshot: AIMS

Feed • Spring 2023 
What’s your origin story? • My name is Martin Nedved and I am the CEO of Aims. Our story dates to 2016 when the production music company I ran at the time was in dire need of a better way to search through its music catalogue...

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