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We Help People Uncover the Perfect Music For Their Art, Work, and Experiences

Through seamless discovery, we help people uncover the perfect music for their art, work, and experiences. As pioneers in AI innovation, we are propelling the music industry forward and setting new standards for search and discovery. We achieve this by building tools that empower creators, streamline management, and support music distribution for a global audience.

We Are a Team of Tech-Savvy Music Enthusiasts, Dedicated to Upholding Musical Traditions While Setting New Standards.

Viktor Parma

Head of Research

Viktor oversees AI technology and new product R&D. With a background in audio technology and a master's in Electrical Engineering and Informatics, he envisions intelligent machines enhancing human potential. He’s an active musician and producer in Prague's electronic scene. Formerly, he founded Tone Technology and spent 4 years as an R&D Specialist at Mediaresearch, now Nielsen Admosphere.

Martin Nedved


Martin merges expertise in music business, technology, and audio-visual industry, TV broadcasters especially. Previously he ran Studio Fontana and founded a neighbouring rights collecting agency. He holds a law degree and is active in European music committees and associations. He is currently the chairman of the European Production Music Committee and the vice-chairman of the CZ Neighbouring Rights society INTERGRAM.

Einar M. Helde

Head of Business Development

Einar is an experienced production music executive with a background in law. He co-founded NRG Agency and owns APL Publishing. He’s a member of the European Production Music Committee and worked with production music sub-publishing in Europe for more than a decade. Einar's industry expertise led him to co-found AIMS. He focuses on showcasing client benefits and discovering new applications of AIMS technology.

Jan Novotny


Jan has a strong background in full-stack development, solution architecture, and technology leadership. Since joining AIMS API in 2019, he has strengthened the company's technology foundations and driven product innovation. Jan is a skilled developer and has extensive experience in web development, video, and photography. Previously, he had worked on a wide range of projects across different industries.


Start-up Snapshot: AIMS

Feed • Spring 2023 
What’s your origin story? • My name is Martin Nedved and I am the CEO of Aims. Our story dates to 2016 when the production music company I ran at the time was in dire need of a better way to search through its music catalogue...

Global Reach and Premium Quality

The AIMS sales team has a worldwide presence, supporting clients across the globe.

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Music & Technology

Honoring the Music Industry's Heritage

At AIMS, we deeply appreciate and uphold the rich legacy of the music industry. We believe in maintaining a balance between innovation and tradition, ensuring that our technology respects and celebrates the music that has shaped our world.

Pioneering AI-driven Solutions & Technology

Our passion for harnessing the power of artificial intelligence places AIMS at the vanguard of technological advancements. We continuously invest in research and development, striving to deliver top-tier AI solutions to our clients.

Celebrating Artists and Their Creations

At the heart of AIMS is our profound love for music and admiration for the artists who create it. We are committed to supporting the creative community by providing tools that facilitate seamless discovery and organisation of their work.

Join Our Mission to Streamline the Search for Music

We’re Always Happy to Answer Your Questions

If you think you would be a good fit, reach out to us at We're always looking for talented people to join our team.

Our team is available to answer queries across all time zones. Please email us at, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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