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Case Study: FlipperMusic Saves ~5 Hours Per Search with AIMS

Logos of AIMS API and FlipperMusic shown next to each other

"AIMS is always our first step. It makes me happy because it makes my clients happy."

Fabio Di Bari, FlipperMusic, Owner

About FlipperMusic

As Italy's biggest independent production music publisher, FlipperMusic distributes its music in 40 countries and exclusively represents over 320 international labels, on top of its own. It’s known for consulting and licensing for global hits like Lost in Translation, Gomorra, X-Files, The Young Pope, C’è Ancora Domani and Romulus — as well as its AIMS-enabled ability to find the perfect music in just 5 seconds.

The Challenge

Scoring Deals, Saving Time & Staying Sane

FlipperMusic had a checklist of expectations for its music similarity search system. Making more time for expanding in its field and improving client relationships was at the top of the list. Equally urgent was reacting to the demands of TV and streaming, opening its catalog up to the world more than ever, and not worrying about flaws that often pop up weeks into trying out a new tool.  

One of AIMS’ first clients, FlipperMusic Owner Fabio Di Bari, shares what has made AIMS the perfect investment all these years.

The Solution

Client Sends Link, AIMS Does the Heavy Lifting

About 80% of FlipperMusic searches start with a YouTube link from the client. AIMS has an AI-powered Similarity Search just for that. It goes through all of FlipperMusic’s owned and licensed music and comes back with tracks that perfectly match the reference’s energy. And if there’s a specific part that the client wants to match, AIMS enables similarity search based on song segments. 

Using AIMS keeps me sane! I don’t need to worry about the system because AIMS works perfectly.

Cutting 3–5 Hours off Each Search

FlipperMusic’s catalog has over 2 million tracks. Add 200 different tags to the mix, and searching for one perfect track eats up half the day. With AIMS, it takes no more than 10 minutes — giving the team plenty of time to go deeper into the catalog and test out creative strategies, like experimenting with searches starting with a variety of related reference tracks. It’s no wonder AIMS has become ingrained in FlipperMusic’s daily life.

Using AIMS is like drinking Red Bull. It gives you the right energy since the search is so quick and easy.

Perfect for TV & Streaming Clients

These days, FlipperMusic has broadcast clients pouring in, and they all require a lot of production music. Since AIMS’s Similarity Search is integrated into FlipperMusic’s own platform, those clients can search for music directly on the FlipperMusic website — and many do every single day. But of course, it doesn’t stop with TV and streaming.

We show all types of new clients AIMS immediately, so they can see how to find the one track they want out of a million possibilities.

Clearly Made by Industry Insiders

AIMS was built by music professionals to solve issues they themselves dealt with for years. As a result, AIMS always has its clients’ business goals in mind, from helping them score more licensing deals to making sure its AI capabilities align with the industry’s evolving needs. The team knows how to recognize what’s working, how it can help, and why every second matters.

AIMS is a very precise system that will continuously improve because it is managed by serious professionals in the industry. Anyone thinking about using AIMS should definitely go for it.

Interested in how AIMS can work for you? Reach out to us here: 

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