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Case Study: AIMS a daily essential for Megatrax team & clients

Logos of AIMS and Megatrax displayed next to each other

"Music directors don’t have to search through 200,000 tracks by themselves. That’s a big win."

Ron Mendelsohn, Megatrax Production Music, CEO

About Megatrax

Ted Lasso, Mandalorian, Starbucks… Megatrax is a production music company with a catalog of 200,000+ original tracks heard around the world, and a booming inbox of new client requests coming in every few minutes. The company has built a legacy across movies, film, and advertising; to uphold that reputation, it needs to continuously move faster and smarter.

The Challenge

Forgotten tracks & inefficient search

For a giant like Megatrax, the norm is an ongoing rush. Constant time constraints and racing to get searches out to clients as more requests pile up. So when looking for a long-lost dub house track that's nearly impossible to find (because it’s probably called something vague like “City Life”) or as a client struggles to pinpoint the ideal 30-second reference, every lost minute is felt.

With the release of its new website, Megatrax wanted to enhance its music search with AI-driven functionality — to make its team’s and clients’ lives easier.

Megatrax CEO Ron Mendelsohn shares how AIMS delivered on all fronts.

The Solution

Unbiased results for every search

After several music similarity search tools fell short over the years by often producing “completely random results,” the AI-powered AIMS search proved to be on another level. It doesn’t look at titles, tags, or artwork; it intelligently analyzes the actual audio — from emotion to mood. No matter how dusty a track may be, AIMS will always find it.

Anyone can find something like Happy Birthday or the theme from the Nutcracker. But with all kinds of other instrumental music, AIMS is very helpful for finding tracks buried deep in the back catalog. Ron Mendelsohn, Megatrax Production Music, CEO

Screenshot of the Megatrax music platform

A music director’s must-have

A sizable percentage of Megatrax’s client requests come with a link to a reference track. For a music director, that means hours of keyword-based searches every week. AIMS is the perfect starting point for every request because it doesn’t rely on tags or keywords. So when a client sends over a reference link, Ron suggests pasting it into the AIMS Similarity Search as step one:

I’ve championed AIMS from the beginning. Even the best people can use the tool to work faster and more efficiently, so I’m urging them to use AIMS for every possible search.

Interested in how AIMS can work for you? Reach out to us here:

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