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Beyond Keywords:
The Future of Music Search

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Ensuring easy discoverability of tracks is crucial for production music companies, record labels, commercial music publishers, and anyone who licenses music. But traditional keyword searches often miss the mark, leading to missed opportunities. In this webinar, we'll discuss how AI can help uncover hidden tracks in any catalogue and make music search faster and more accessible for everyone.

What We'll Cover:

  • Introduction of Prompt Search: A simpler, more intuitive way to find music using natural language.

  • Prompt Search in Action: Real-world examples and practical tips to streamline music search, especially for non-music pros.

  • Challenges with Current Search: Why traditional methods fall short.

  • Q&A: Your chance to ask us anything about Prompt Search and the future of music discovery.

Hosted by:


Einar Helde

Co-Founder | AIMS


Howie Ross

Music Taxonomy Researcher | AIMS


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