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Client Interview: Jaguarec

"You will be amazed at what AIMS can find in your catalog."

Damian Słonina, Jaguarec, Poland, Co-Founder and Managing Director

"AIMS has an effect on our sync income."

Magda Niestryjewska, Jaguarec, Poland, Head of Sync and Music Supervisor

Jaguarec is a creative music agency providing music for advertising, film, TV content and games. They represent a broad repertoire containing commercially released music from your favorite Spotify playlist and production music libraries all over the world. Based in Warsaw, Poland, Jaguarec was one of the first AIMS clients.

Hi, Damian and Magda! Happy to talk to you today. How long have you been using AIMS?

Damian: We started using AIMS just over two years ago, as soon as it was available. The tool we had been using was discontinued, and we didn’t find anything that was good enough until AIMS. Now we realize that AIMS is even better than what we had before!

That’s great to hear. Why did you choose AIMS over other music similarity search tools on the market?

Damian: For one thing, Martin and Einar are some of the nicest people in the industry! We talked to them as they were developing a new solution because they were also unsatisfied with what was available. After they had developed AIMS we tested it and got great results. AIMS is the best music similarity search solution on the market.

Magda: AIMS detects the emotion and mood in the music. I’m always surprised by the cool nuances it finds. You put in a dusty track from the ’80s and in the results you hear that feeling of an old track. And AIMS really stands out compared to other solutions on the market. Some other tools won’t even allow you to use links from the internet!

Damian: That’s true. When we tried other music similarity searches, the results were just not similar. Many times we knew we had similar tracks and the system couldn’t find them. When we started using AIMS we got the right results immediately.

What AIMS features do you find most useful?

Magda: Link Search is great because you can use links from so many different sources: YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify... This adds a lot of value for our clients because they often send us links to songs and want something similar.

How does your team use AIMS on a daily basis?

Magda: Every time the sales team get a new music reference from a client, we put the link into AIMS right away. The tracks we find with AIMS are the tracks that clients buy, so AIMS has an effect on our sync income. With AIMS I discover tracks that I have forgotten about or haven’t had time to listen to yet. It really digs out good stuff.

Damian: Our sales team have their favorite albums and libraries, but with AIMS they reach in different directions and find music in other places. That means more catalogs are being used and there is an objective machine way of searching. It’s still creative, but AIMS reaches into catalogs that people wouldn’t normally search so it activates new catalogs faster as well.

So maximizing your catalog and activating new catalogs are the main benefits you get from AIMS?

Magda: AIMS is also a huge time-saver, and the Internal-Similarity Search and Link Search functions are great selling points for us.

Damian: Sometimes it’s difficult for creative teams at ad agencies to formulate briefs and describe exactly what music they need. AIMS is a great tool for them because they just put the reference in and get results. AIMS also lets clients look further in the results, seeing what tags are being used to produce each match.

You mentioned time saving as a big benefit. How much time do you save with AIMS?

Magda: AIMS saves 80% of the time I usually spend searching for music. Sometimes I spend an hour searching for music with tags. Using AIMS, the same search takes 10 or 15 minutes, then the music is pitched and sold. AIMS makes me much more efficient.

Sounds like you’re happy with AIMS! How would you recommend it to others?

Magda: People sometimes wonder if Artificial Intelligence will find real tracks. From my experience, the answer is yes, the results are really good. The hit rate is very high. I was also skeptical at first about AI for music search but it really helps. AIMS finds similarities but it’s the human who makes the choice of what we’ll send out to clients.

Damian: You will be amazed at what AIMS can find in your catalog.

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