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Case Study: Redefining Music Search for Jaguarec with AIMS

Logos of 2 companies: AIMS and Jaguarec

"AIMS is the best music similarity search solution on the market."

Damian Słonina, Jaguarec, Co-Founder and Managing Director

About Jaguarec:

Based in Warsaw, Poland, Jaguarec has established itself as a respected creative music agency providing music for advertising, film, TV content, and games with their client portfolio including brands like McDonalds, Carrefour, T-Mobile, Levi’s and Skoda. They represent a broad repertoire containing commercially released music from your favorite Spotify playlist and production music libraries from all over the world.

The Challenge:

As with many agencies boasting expansive catalogs, efficient music search & discovery have posed persistent challenges for the Jaguarec team. With their previous tool no longer viable and traditional methods falling short, they sought a more effective solution.

The Solution:

The Jaguarec team explored various music similarity search tools but were often disappointed with the results. It wasn't until they tried AIMS Similarity Search that they found the high level of quality they were looking for, right from the start.

Screenshot of Jaguarec music platform with AIMS features integration

Damian Słonina, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Jaguarec, highlights how AIMS enhances their music search by discovering tracks they'd previously missed. While their sales team has favorite go-to albums and libraries, AIMS Similarity Search goes further, uncovering songs in other less-explored catalogs.

A big part of this success is how AIMS can detect the emotion and mood in music. When Jaguarec gets music references from their clients, often as links from Spotify, YouTube, or Vimeo, they use AIMS to find songs with a similar vibe.

I’m always surprised by the cool nuances it finds. You put in a dusty track from the ’80s and in the results, you hear that feeling of an old track.” Magda Niestryjewska, Jaguarec, Head of Sync and Music Supervisor

Fast turnaround on client briefs is essential for Jaguarec - that’s where AIMS unparalleled efficiency comes in. It reduces the time Jaguarec's sync team spends searching for music by up to 80%. What used to take an hour with keyword-based searches now takes just 15 minutes with Similarity Search.

Every time the sales team get a new music reference from a client, we put the link into AIMS right away. The tracks we find with AIMS are the tracks that clients sometimes buy, so AIMS has an effect on our sync income, says Magda.

Moreover, implementing the AIMS solution on Jaguarec's search site has garnered more interest from TV editors. The enhanced search capabilities mean they can surf the repertoire much faster without needing to consider specific tags. This streamlined process has made the platform more appealing to professionals in the TV industry.

Partnering with AIMS has changed the way Jaguarec approaches music search, blending the best of AI with the final touch of human creativity.

Interested in how AIMS can work for you? Reach out to us here:

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