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Client Interview: FM Records

“We could not do our work without AIMS. It is a very good and necessary investment for everyone in this industry.”

Alessandro Pinnelli, FM Records, Italy, CEO & Owner

Founded in 2005, Fm Records is a Rome-based independent music production company with a global sub-publishing network representing major labels from around the world. Also working in television and advertising, Fm Records recently launched their advanced new platform with AIMS.

How long have you been using AIMS?

We started using AIMS in May, 2020. As soon as we tried AIMS we all loved it. We launched a brand new platform that’s very fast, and AIMS adds great value while being efficient and easy to use. And we use it as much as possible. AIMS is always the first step for us when we’re choosing music or creating a playlist based on a request from television networks or advertising agencies.

Has AIMS helped you get more clients?

Yes! For example, we are working with advertising agencies more than ever thanks to AIMS. Art Directors don’t have time to find music themselves. They want to be able to send a reference and get what they need. But we can respond to all of our clients more quickly using AIMS because we don’t have to spend nearly as much time referencing and searching. We are more successful on the first pitch than ever before. In this business, everything depends on how fast you are when you send music. AIMS helps us work faster, so we are more successful.

What are the features of AIMS you find most useful?

We use Link and File Searches most. We paste in a link or upload a file, which is very cool because most of our clients send us files or YouTube links and tell us to find something that sounds similar. With AIMS we can find a similar track from any reference.

How does AIMS benefit your team most?

Saving time is the biggest benefit. AIMS is a huge advantage over keyword searching, which all of the competition has. AIMS gives us a competitive edge. It has really helped us to grow our brand. We are more than twice as fast searching music than we used to be, even though we have very accurate keywords on our platform.

How would you recommend AIMS to others?

After using AIMS, Fm Records could not do without it. This tool is the next step for our industry. There’s no going back. Keyword searches are not enough anymore. We could not do our work without AIMS. It is a very good and necessary investment for everyone in this industry.

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