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Client Interview: FlipperMusic

"AIMS makes me happy because it makes my clients happy."

Fabio Di Bari, FlipperMusic, Italy, Owner

FlipperMusic is the largest Italian independent production music publisher, with a musical repertoire distributed in 40 countries. In Italy, in addition to its own record labels, FlipperMusic exclusively distributes more than 150 international production music labels. They have been consultants and licensors for majors Italian, American and international television series and films, including "Gomorra," "X-Files," "The Young Pope," "Lost in Translation," "The New Pope," and "Romulus.” FlipperMusic was an early AIMS client.

Hi, Fabio! Happy New Year. When did you start using AIMS?

We switched from another music similarity search tool to AIMS a couple years ago when the service was discontinued. We were happy with the previous tool, so we weren’t sure how AIMS would compare. The transition to AIMS was simple, so my IT department was happy right away.

We saw immediately that AIMS was great, and our clients were happy too.

Thanks to AIMS, I can now think about important things like expanding in my territory and improving relationships with clients. I don’t need to worry about the system because AIMS works perfectly.

Great to hear! How does your team use AIMS on a daily basis?

We have three musical consultants who use AIMS daily. I also use it for my personal clients who are in television and broadcasting. AIMS is always our first step. 80% of our searches start with a YouTube link from the client, so the Link Search function is perfect for us.

So it sounds like the efficiency of searching with AIMS helps you be more creative?

Using AIMS is like drinking Red Bull. It gives you the right energy. Since the search is so quick and easy, we can go deeper into our catalog, doing more searches starting with different but related reference tracks. The efficiency of AIMS means we can try different strategies to find the best tracks.

That’s great. Does this creativity and strategic searching help you with specific types of clients?

Right now we’re seeing a lot of business with broadcasters. There is so much new content being produced for television and streaming. They need a lot of production music, and AIMS is perfect for that. Many of our broadcaster clients use AIMS on our website every day.

But we show all types of new clients AIMS immediately, so they can see how to find the one track they want out of a million possibilities. At least 75% of the results from AIMS are really very good.

So how much time do you save using AIMS?

As I mentioned, our catalog has one million tracks and two-hundred different tags, so using AIMS saves three to five hours per search. Instead of searching for hours, with AIMS we get the right track in 10 minutes.

And how would you recommend AIMS to others?

Anyone who is thinking about using AIMS should definitely go for it. The great search results and the time you will save mean you can get more licensing deals and you will more than recuperate your monthly investment.

AIMS is a very good, very precise system that will continuously improve because it is managed by serious professionals in the industry. Using AIMS keeps me sane! It makes me happy because it makes my clients happy.

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