Konga Music, Barcelona

Teresa Carbonell"AIMS is a time-saver for us and for our clients."

Teresa Carbonell

Konga Music, Barcelona

Salva Mayolas"Music-similarity search results are much more accurate with AIMS technology."

Salva Mayolas

Konga Music, Barcelona

Technical Director
Laura Gispert"AIMS is a starting point for our clients, and from there they can get a wide range of musical results that can inspire them for their different projects."

Laura Gispert

Konga Music, Barcelona

Music Supervisor

Hi, Teresa, Salva and Laura! Thanks for agreeing to this interview, we know you’re very busy. Let’s start by talking about how long you have been using AIMS.

<b>Teresa:</b> We launched AIMS in April 2021 and our clients, together with our music supervisors, are delighted with this new functionality. We are really happy to introduce Artificial Intelligence from AIMS into our search engine, <a>[KongaSearch](https://search.kongamusic.com/)</a>.

And we’re excited to work with you, too! Why did you choose AIMS over other music similarity search tools on the market?

<b>Teresa:</b> First of all, we’ve known Martin and Einar, the people behind AIMS, for a long time. They both have a very good reputation.

We started discussions with AIMS two years ago at the Production Music Conference in Los Angeles. Soon after that, we had the chance to test AIMS and other music similarity search tools, and AIMS gives the highest percentage of success in search results. Music-similarity search results are much more accurate with AIMS technology.

What are the features of AIMS you find most useful?

<b>Salva:</b> Right now, we have implemented two features which give our clients the possibility of searching for similar music based on a YouTube or Mp3 reference, or to search for a similar track based on our own repertoire ingested in <a>[KongaSearch](https://search.kongamusic.com/)</a>, our search engine. Both features are very helpful, depending on the type of search our Music Supervisor or clients are doing.

Great to hear you’re enjoying these features! Can you describe your team and department, and how you use AIMS on a daily basis?

<b>Laura:</b> I am <a>[Konga Music Agency](http://kongamusic.com/)</a> Music Supervisor and I use AIMS as a perfect complement for our music searches. AIMS is really useful when I have to find a specific track and I do not have too much time. The first results that appear in the search are always very accurate. Regarding our clients, AIMS is an inspiration especially for those who do not have a huge musical background. AIMS is a starting point for our clients, and from there they can get a wide range of musical results that can inspire them for their different projects.

Perfect! What kind of benefits is your team getting out of AIMS?

<b>Laura:</b> Efficiency. When I have a playlist with 4 or 5 tracks and I don’t find anything else that suits a client’s brief, then AIMS is there to help find another option that could work in less than 5 seconds. It’s great. I consistently find a 70% match.

<b>Teresa:</b> AIMS is a time-saver for us and for our clients. For those of us who service clients from the audiovisual industry, we have to face the fact that everyone is always in a rush, so AIMS is there to optimize our time.

How has AIMS helped you save time or work more effectively? How much time do you save?

<b>Salva:</b> We actually just found a new way to save time with AIMS. When clients export tracks from <a>[KongaSearch](https://search.kongamusic.com/)</a>, sometimes they delete the name of those tracks, so now the system allows us to locate the title of the song very quickly by doing a drag-and-drop of the track used, and this one appears in first place with all the information. It is like an internal Shazam for us.

<b>Laura:</b> The YouTube link search feature is useful for very specific references or songs that you don’t remember the names of, or instrumental songs… even classical music. It’s a quick way to find something similar when a client needs musical options immediately and they only send a link without any brief.

Are there feature of AIMS that you would like to test?

<b>Salva:</b> In July 2021, we will have a new feature based on a 30-second segmentation of the track. We are really keen on having this because, as we all know, a song can have a part A and a part B, and you might need to search for similarity based only on one of these parts.

You’ll have to let us know how you like the segmentation tool! If you were to recommend AIMS to others, what would you say?

<b>Teresa:</b> Artificial Intelligence by AIMS, together with the expertise of a Music Supervisor, is the perfect combination to give great service to all different types of clients and fulfil their needs.

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