Find the perfect music faster!

AIMS is an API service that searches and recommends music within your catalogue based on reference audio tracks. AIMS uses powerful AI algorithm trained by our researchers and experienced music supervisors to find the right recommendations for you.


How does AIMS work for you?

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Your search application connects to the AIMS API via a standardised API.

We ingest your music catalogue and create a unique environment based on your fingerprinted database.

You implement any desired AIMS functionality in your application for your end users

  • MP3/WAV

  • Links to online video

  • Reference tracks from your catalogue

Your end users never leave your website, you completely control their experience


How does AIMS work on a production music catalogue search engine?


Enter your information below and we will set up a demo account for you to test the functionalities (see-note above about functionality vs function) of AIMS. We can also set up a call to talk about your specific needs and give you a price quote. 


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